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Anna King, 2016 WSU Woman of the Year

Anna King, 2016 WSU Woman of the Year

Woman of the Year

The rich tradition of women’s contributions to Washington State University encompasses teachers and scholars, staff and advisors, students and alumni, administrators and regents, volunteers and friends. The WSU Women of Distinction and Woman of the Year Awards are presented annually during National Women’s History Month to recognize the achievements and contributions of women to the academic and local community, and to our society.

Women of Distinction Awardees usually include an alumna, a faculty member, a staff member, a student (undergraduate or graduate), and a woman not affiliated with WSU. All nominees for Women of Distinction Awards are eligible for the Woman of the Year Award, and nominations from all WSU campuses and locations, as well as self-nominations, are encouraged.

Time and Place of Award Presentation

The awards will be presented at the Women’s Recognition Symposium on April 9, 2018, in the CUB MG Carey Senior Ballroom. The Women of Distinction and Woman of the Year awardees will be announced in WSU News, and news releases will be made to regional newspapers approximately five days in advance of the event.

History and Theme

The month of March was designated National Women’s History Month after the 1987 passage of a Congressional resolution. Each year, this time is set aside to recognize and celebrate women of all races, ages, cultures, ethnic traditions, and ways of life.

The National Women’s History Project (NWHP) is a nonprofit educational corporation dedicated to promoting gender equality through public recognition of women’s diverse lives and accomplishments. The NWHP mission is embraced and extended at WSU through honoring and recognizing the role women have in creating social change, increasing equality for all, and building community in countless ways. The theme for 2018 is Own Your Own Power. During Women’s History Month 2018, we honor these women—past, present, and future—by acknowledging that women represent a special vision, continuously moving society toward positive change.


2018 Nominations are due by February 15, 2018

These prestigious awards recognize women for their accomplishments and contributions to society and the lives of other women.

To be considered for the awards the nominee must be:

  • A woman who has distinguished herself in academic work, career, leadership, public service, or any combination thereof.
  • A woman who has contributed to the personal growth and success of others, especially women, through education, research, or public or volunteer service above and beyond her expected job responsibilities.
  • A woman whose achievements create positive social change, increase equality for all, and build community through service.
  • A woman not honored with this award in the last five years.

The President’s Commission on the Status of Women at WSU coordinates the award selection process.

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